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DofE Group Walking Away

Duke of Edinburgh Award

DofE group walking away

What do we offer?

Chiltern Adventure are a Duke of Edinburgh Award Approved Activity Provider of the expedition section at both the Bronze and Silver levels of the award in paddle craft and on foot.
We can provide expeditions for both small and large groups, and also offer a number of open expeditions for individual participants throughout the year.

Equipment Hire

All of our managed expeditions include a set of emergency equipment.
We have a well maintained fleet of tents and stoves for hire on any of our bookings.  We also have a small amount of personal equipment for hire.
For canoe and cycle expeditions, we can arrange canoe and cycle hire.
Cooking on a Campsite
Silhouette in Sunset Cheering


All of our expeditions are staffed by qualified, experienced instructors with a proven history in the industry.
We operate with high levels of staffing ratios to ensure the best possible experience for your participants.
Every managed expedition includes a free space for a member of school staff per team, which includes all meals throughout the duration of the expedition.
Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Open Expeditions

We offer a range of Bronze and Silver open expeditions throughout the year.
Each expedition includes group kit (tents and stoves) and emergency equipment.
We offer both joint training/practice, and qualifying expeditions.
All of our planned expeditions can be found on our calendar.  If you can't make our dates or have a team already together, please get in touch!
DofE Training With Rucksacks
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