We have a range of activities that we can bring to your school, teaching the national curriculum through fun activities; allowing students to explore a number of subjects in an adventurous environment.  We also offer aspects of teacher training and other extra curricular courses such as prefect training and adventure clubs.
We price all of our activities based on your needs, so please contact us for more information.  As a rule of thumb, activities cost around £2 to £5 per student.
Pizza Problems

Our Pizza Problems activity can be run for any year group from 1 to 9, and can facilitate cross curricular learning from Maths, Science, Design and Physical Education.

Throughout the activity, students will undertake a range of challenges which all work towards the main goal; to cook and eat a fresh pizza made in our portable pizza oven.

On a longer session, other foods such as healthy chips can be cooked.

Extreme Explorers

Becoming an Extreme Explorer involves gaining a basic knowledge of the continents and Seas from a real life explorer!  With an interactive session, participants can learn about weather patterns and the various outdoor equipment used around the World.  They will also look at the location of Continents and Seas in comparison to each other.

At the end of the session, your young explorer will have their own map of the world, with all of the information they need on it to help them back in the classroom.

Woodland Warriors

To become a Woodland Warrior, you need to be able to know your trees.  The Woodland Warriors activity teaches new warriors how to identify plants, and measure their size.​

Once Warriors have conducted their research, they need to write up their findings.


Please note that this activity is only available to some schools, dependent on their area.

Marshmallow Madness

Marshmallow Madness is a multi-activity session, whereby participants undertake a range of activities to collect keys to unlock a safe.  Inside the safe are marshmallows, roasting sticks, and all of the materials required to build a fire.  The activities undertaken to unlock the safe promote teamwork, and can be tailored to suit the needs of the group.

New Navigators

Our New Navigators activity is a great way to teach a number of the Geography National Curriculum points in one session.

Your new navigators will be given a section of the Ordinance Survey map of the local area, packed full of features that they can learn to understand. They will also learn how to use a compass to orientate the map and the basics of route planning and navigation.

Mechanical Monkeys

Mechanical Monkeys is a 1 hour activity for key stage 3 monkeys, teaching them about mechanical advantage.

The activity focuses upon the use of rope and pulley, and leverage to explain how power transfer occurs.  It is an interactive workshop, designed to inspire the imagination in preparation for further knowledge to be taught back in the classroom.

Historical Heroes

Whether it be a day of stone aged activities on the school field, or axe throwing, archery, cooking and pottery at Chiltern Adventure Basecamp, we provide a range of history based activities which can be linked to most historical eras from the stone age to the 1800s.

Nights Away

We can offer a range of opportunities for nights away, whether it be a camp out on the school field, or a visit to Chiltern Adventure Basecamp.  Affordable and fully catered residential trips close to home have never been easier.

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